In 2012, we realized the need for a space where we could not only test our products on a day-to-day basis but also train professional detailers on the correct way to use our products and even successfully open and run their own detail shops.

Our trainers had been traveling around the country teaching others the art of running a detail business for years, but it was difficult for the trainees to focus on learning when they were in the middle of running the day-to-day operations at their shops.

We wanted to create a space where detailers could get away from their shops for a day or two in order to fully focus on training. It was then that the idea of The Garage was born.


In 2013, the search for the perfect location began and later that year we found the spot for our detail garage on Park Road in West Hartford, CT. The building had seen many businesses within its walls over the years including a typewriter repair company, a laundromat, and a landscaping business. There was a lot of character within that space so in January of 2013 we got to work hammering, chiseling, and sandblasting the plaster walls in order to reveal the vintage brick that surrounds the shop today.



While The Garage hasn’t been around quite as long as Simoniz itself, we definitely made sure to keep the retro look and feel of our 100+ year old car wax company from the walls themselves to our shuttle. 


All of our formulas have been imagined, formulated, tested & approved by The Simoniz Garage. These formulas, along with all of the detailing supplies and equipment that we sell, have been carefully hand-selected over the years by our Simoniz-certified master detailers.

We use these exact same products every day at The Simoniz Garage, our state-of-the-art detailing center and training facility in Connecticut, where we not only detail vehicles from top to bottom, but also train aspiring detailers from all over the world.




Detail Operations Manager, Training Manager, & International Sales Manager


Board of Directors – International Detailing Association (IDA) 
Certification Committee Chairman - IDA

As you can see by his list of professional detailing accolades, Tom takes the appearance and preservation of vehicles very seriously. As a Board of Directors Member of the IDA, he is involved in the industries discussion boards regarding detailing.


Tom brings education to the detailing industry and provides technical support globally to detailing schools and professionals. As a Certification Committee Chairman of the IDA, he ensures that the detailers he trains are professional, qualified and enthusiastic about the business.


Tom has played a key role in researching and developing the products that we use every day at The Simoniz Garage. Tom also manages international sales and support and detail training operations.


What fuels Tom? Maybe it’s just his high energy? Or is it his love for highly caffeinated iced macchiato? Whatever it is has allowed Tom to wear many hats at The Simoniz Garage and pave for the way for the future of professional detailing locally and globally.



General Manager


Simoniz Certified Master Detail Technician

The passion for pristine cars hit Will at an early age. As soon as he turned 16, he began working at an express detailing center. Throughout his high school years he learned the art of detailing until he went to college to study business management.

It was during that time that he had a revelation. He realized that he could combine his passion and education, which eventually led him to The Simoniz Garage.

Today Will manages all of the day-to-day operations of the Garage, a job which he takes very seriously.


From managing P&L to coaching our people to making sure the lounge is pristine at all times, Will does whatever it takes to make sure The Simoniz Garage keeps earning and maintaining its world-class reputation.

  • Favorite Detail Job: Compounding & paint restoration

  • Toughest Detail Job: Compounding & paint restoration

  • Most Rewarding Part of Detailing: Teaching others how to properly maintain their vehicles’ appearance

  • Dream Vehicle: Restored and lifted Chevy K5 Blazer

  • Other Interests: Family, working out, and music

Logan 2.jpg




Logan has over 10 years of industry experience and a strong passion for the job and cars. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to him in addition to teaching and educating others on the process of car detailing. He is particularly proficient in polishing and compounding and has a strong background in auto-body/paint- so he has a good eye for defects and proper repairs. Outside of the garage he enjoys the outdoors and a is big Volkswagen fan!



Assistant Manager


Simoniz Certified Master Detail Technician

Remi started detailing 8 years ago and enjoys working with the Simoniz Garage team and keeping up with new training techniques.  He has a passion for vintage cars and loves being able to restore the look and feel.  

  • Favorite Detail Job: Interiors

  • Toughest Detail Job: Older cars that have wear and tear that people assume will just become new again

  • Most Rewarding Part of Detailing: The customers’ reactions when they see their transformed cars

  • Dream Vehicle: Benz G-550 4x4

  • Other Interests: Sports and music